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In 1977, Lila Devi Stone combined the Bach flower essence preparation method with Indian sage Parmahansa Yogananda's interpretations of the psychological and spiritual qualities of fruits and vegetables and created the wonderful 20 Master's Flower Essences.

A very readable author as well as essence developer, Lila now has two books out about flower essences; The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and Flower Essences for Animals


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Master's Flower Essences


Self control; calmness of the mind; synchronicity of body, mind, spirit: sense of well-being and order; balance; moderation; wholesome sexuality; for being a sensitive partner in an intimate relationship.

Healthy, magnetic attitudes; an abundance of psychologically nourishing thoughts; hope; motivation to take better care of oneself; a positive outlook.

Mental focus; remembering details; joy in challenging the mind; attitude of "now I get it"; for tracing back to past traumas with clarity; helps past issues to surface to the conscious mind; learning from mistakes.

Humility; calmness; ability to step back and observe; non-reactiveness; not getting caught up in negativity; understanding that "what goes around comes around"; for healthy distance from people and circumstances; objectivity.

Purity of thought; kindness; mental clarity; optimism; seeing goodness within self and others; inspirational; incisive and direct, yet gentle in speech; environmental awareness; for purification; for "sloughing off the old".

Cheerfulness; light-hearted; hope; inspiration to others; seeing the good in everything; optimistic; positive; the ability to make light of difficulties; genuine, soul-stirring laughter; even-mindedness.

Upliftment; superconsciousness; enfurance; perserverance; for completing tasks; living one's highest potential; strong, steady energy; welcoming challenges; solution-orientation; for readiness to take the next step; determination despite setbacks. 

Mental vitality; energy; joy; taking initaiave in projects; enthusiasm; living fully in the moment; saying "Yes" to life's challenges.

Sweetness; tenderness; attunement to others' feelings; receptivityy; open-mindedness; easy to talk to; welcoming; a magnetic nature; for dealing kindly with the public; self - nurturance.

Flexibility; sense of humor; fluidity; at ease with self and others; self-liberating; energy to move forward in life; relaxation; for setting healthy barriers.

Love; devotion; realization of the inner source of love; purity; loving without condition, demand or expectation; patience with others' shortcomings; flowing iwth the longer rhythms in relationships.

Calmness; inner quietude; clear communication skills; unblocked creative expression; success in undertakings; decisiveness; ability to speak one's truth; concentration.

Joy; energy; for cultivating an inner smile; resolution of conflict; lightness; "light at the end of the tunnel"; hope; renewed interest in life; for the power to endure difficulties.

Concern for the welfare of others; empathy; maturity; nurturance; consideration; compassion; sensitivity to the needs of others; giving from wholeness instead of neediness.

Emergency Essence; Peace of mind; returns a sense of rhythm and proportion; for being fully in the present moment; ability to handle crisis; for stability during major changes.

Contentment with self; career fulfillment; confidence; empowerment; strong sense of identity; wisdom; the ability to draw abundance.

Kindness; compassion; taking responsibility for one's actions; sympathy; benevolence; generosity; for releasing old wounds; desire to help others; forgiveness; the ability to "turn the other cheek".

Simplicity; childlike joy; trust; sense of wonder; awe; playfulness; freedom; adventurousness; carefree nature; an ability to enjoy oneself.

Dignity; strong; quiet sense of self and self-worth; for grounding; reliability; for leaving a dysfunctional childhood in the past; poise; gracefulness; being fully present and comfortable in, and about, one's body.

Strength; courage; knowing there is no failure, only another chance to succeed; belief in oneself; invincibility; psychic protection; stability; remaining unaffected by the diverse energies of crowds and traveling; hope.




The Essential Flower Essence Handbook - Remedies for Inner Wellbeing by Lila Devi

An entertaining and practical overview ideal for seasoned natural health practitioners and those just learning about flower essences. Includes 20 years of case histories, in depth compilation of the Master's Flower Essences, charts, illustrations and practical text, easy-to-use cross-reference index, essence enhances, visualizations, affirmations, more

Flower Essences for Animals - Remedies for Healing the Pets You Love  by Lila Devi

This book presents a bird's eye view into the animal kingdom. It pays homage at the feet, paws, and hooves of our animal friends by offering a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of their lives. Addressing specific conditions and behaviors, this book provides simple solutions for administering the best possible pet care in both daily life and emergency situations.




All Master's Essence descriptions, Copyright Master's Flower Essences. Flower essences are not a substitute for medical treatment. In case of injury or illness one should seek the appropriate medical assistance. 


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