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Findhorn Flower Essences logo Findhorn Flower Essences are made using local Scottish flowers and pure water from sacred healing wells. They are prepared by the sun-infusion method pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach, whose own remedies revised the age-old use and understanding of the natural healing power expressed by flowering plants and trees. Single flower essences are 15ml stock strength.

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Combination Essences



(Taxus sp.)

Helps overcome resistance in achieving one’s goal/purpose. Overcomes the mind-set of ageing. Stimulates mental agility. Fosters growth and transformation. Breaks addictive patterns and co-dependency. Cuts negative emotional ties that bind. Frees one from anxiety of loneliness. Fosters risk taking. Helps the memory.

(Malus sylvestris)

Keynote: HIGHER PURPOSE.  Apple helps us to realize positively our goals and visions. In contacting and clarifying our higher purpose and aspirations and freed from distractions, we focus our will power and channel our energies into right action.


(Impatiens glandulifera)

Keynote: TENDERNESS.   Balsam facilitates love and acceptance of our physical bodies and our sexuality. Illusions of separateness are dissolved when we open to love and nurturing We experience feelings of warmth, sensitivity and tenderness towards ourselves and others, and feel safe and present in our world.


(Erica cinerea) 

Keynote: CONFIDENCE.  Bell Heather helps to access inner strength and resolve to stand one’s ground. We become resilient to stress, setback or disappointment when we remain flexible, consolidate our energies and stand firmly grounded and confident in our selves.


(Betula pendula) 

Keynote: VISION.   Birch helps us to broaden our perceptions and transcend limitations of mind. Through expanding our consciousness and seeing ‘the bigger picture’ we gain understanding and peace of mind. Birch frees our imagination and gives us hope for the future.


(Cytisus scoparius) 

Keynote: CLARITY.  Broom stimulates mental clarity and concentration. When our thinking is clouded or distracted, we may be hindered in our communication and expression. Broom illuminates the mind and from this brightness frees our thinking and intuition.


(Brassica oleracea)

Clarity of purpose. Brings illumination to will. Will in action. Achieving one’s goals without procrastination. Action is my word. Strength of an arrow - clear, precise and strong, and to the point. Perfect vision.

(Prunus serrulata) 

Keynote: COMPASSION.  Cherry helps us to open the heart to love and to transcend limitations of karmic and social heritage which bind us to past patterns of behaviour. When we let the heart guide us in all our relationships, notions of separativeness dissolve as we identify with the divine essence in everyone and everything. We feel empowered to act with compassion and in the spirit of goodwill.


(Bellis perennis) 

Keynote: PROTECTION.  Daisy helps us to remain calm and centred amid the turbulance of life when we feel overwhelmed. With true feelings of trust and of being protected, we are able to maintain our focus with openness and sensitivity and stay on purpose and on course.


(Sambucus nigra) 

Keynote: BEAUTY.  Elder stimulates the body’s natural powers of regeneration and renewal. By resonating with the source of our own inner beauty and eternal youthfulness, we connect with true feelings of wellbeing and the circulation of those vital energies that may rejuvenate us.


(Inula helenium

Fosters the ability to stand in our power. Develops the connection with intuitive power and the Divine ability to channel/transmit healing and prana. Helps one to be strong and fearless.

(Cladonia coccifera)

Clears karma. Releases anger. Letting go gracefully of old habits. Releasing traumas, which hold us back in life. Self-appraisal. Self-worth/self-esteem/self-acceptance. No need for remorse or guilt.

(Pisum sativum)

Fosters creativity. I am the start of creative endeavours. Helps to lift depression of the spirits associated with stifled creativity. Seeing the wood from the trees. Creative endeavours bring joy. All creativity comes Divine inspiration and is a gift. Having gratitude for the gift of creativity. Cleansing. Diplomacy.

(Echinops sphaerocephalus)

Keynote: STRENGTH.  Globe-thistle helps us willingly and joyfully make sacrifices that will liberate us on our path. When we reconnect with our inner strength and resilience to do what we must, we can surrender the non-essentials in our lives and discover that letting go and serving the highest good brings us the deepest peace and joy.


(Ulex europaeus)

Keynote: JOY.  Gorse stimulates vitality, enthusiasm and motivation. When we feel run down or low, we risk withholding ourselves from fully participating in life by trying to conserve our energies. By reconnecting with the quality of joy and giving ourselves passionately to life, our hearts are uplifted and we are refreshed and renewed.


(Parnassia palustris)

Keynote: OPENNESS.  Grass of Parnassus opens the heart to the healing power of love. Strong emotions, fear or vulnerability may cause us to create protective barriers which can cut us off from our true feelings. When we allow these powerful emotions to be, and transform them within the heart through love, our soul qualities of peace, joy and serenity can shine through.


(Campanula rotundifolia)

Keynote: ALIGNMENT.  Harebell aligns us to the living of a prosperous life. When we feel lacking, or lose faith in ourselves or abilities, we may block the flow of vital energies. We re-align our awareness to the spirit of abundance and become open to receiving the limitless energy supply from the Universal Source.


(Corylus avellana)

Keynote: FREEDOM. 
Hazel can help free us to let go of all limitations which restrict growth, advancement and potential unfolding. Liberated of the need to be in control of the direction and flow of our lives, we find joy and freedom in movement and spontaneity.


(Cratageus sp.)

Holy-thorn awakens us to the presence of love in our hearts. When we are open and accepting of ourselves and others, we remove barriers to friendship and love, and free our creative expression.


(Umbilicus rupestris)

Keynote: TRANSPARENCY.   Iona Pennywort brings light into the darkest corners of our souls whereby we can let go of deep fears held in the psyche which help to create delusions, self-deception and judgement of ourselves and others. By bringing in the pure light of truth, we can move forward with a new awareness and purity of aspiration.


(Alchemilla vulgaris) 

Keynote: AWARENESS.   Lady’s-Mantle helps us to access deeper resources of the mind. When we are unable or unwilling to be conscious on all levels, our awareness and understanding become limited. We can call on and bring to light all the power and intelligence which is inherently ours.


(Prunus lusitanica)

Keynote: RESOURCEFULNESS.  Laurel can assist us in manifesting our vision, and in empowering ourselves to find the resources to bring our ideas and ideals into form. When we bring a plan to fruition, we must be able to hold and synthesise many diverse energies. Wise in heart, we trust the spiritual worlds and Universal Source to support all plans which are for the good of all.


(Tilia platyphyllos)

Keynote: UNIVERSALITY.  Lime brings an awareness of our relationship and interdependence with all life on Earth. When we open to and anchor universal love in our hearts, feelings of separateness are transformed and we create harmonious relationships in our lives.

(Malva Sylvestris) 

Keynote: GRACE.  Mallow helps us to ‘think in our hearts’. Separation in our thinking and feeling impedes us on all levels. Mallow activates our will to live in right relationship.


(Mimulus guttatus)

Keynote: PERSONAL POWER.  Monkey Flower helps raise our vibrational energy from the lower self, empowering us to celebrate and be who we truly ARE. When we are not fully in our power, we may fear power in others or ourselves. With Monkey Flower we access the source of true power from the Higher Self and find the confidence to act NOW.


(Lychnis flos-cuculi)

Keynote: PURIFICATION.  Ragged Robin aids us in the processes of purification. We allow the free flow of life force and energies on all levels when we remove the obstacles to realiZing health and wellbeing.


(Rosa alba)

Keynote: POWER.  Rose Alba represents the positive, outgoing, creative Principle. It assists in connecting the mind and the intuition to bring forth deeper insight. When we positively follow our intuitions, right speech and right action follow.


(Nymphaea sp.)

Keynote: PRESENCE.  Rose Water Lily helps us to rise above the pressures and demands of daily life which draw us into the depths of the material world. When we lose sight of our spiritual connections, by our aspiration we reconnect with Spirit and draw strength from this source deep within.


(Sorbus aucuparia)

Keynote: RECONCILIATION.  Rowan helps us to learn to forgive ourselves and others and to heal the past. By opening the heart to unconditional healing love we can release our attachments to habitual, inherited or karmically acquired patterns of behaviour and emotions, and live peacefully with ourselves and others.


(Pinus sylvestris)

Keynote: WISDOM.  Scots Pine helps us to find directions in our search for truth and understanding. When we open ourselves to listening truly, we can access our own inner source of wisdom, and feel guided on our way.


(Primula scotica)

Keynote: PEACE.  Scottish Primrose brings inner peace and stillness when we are confronted by fear, anxiety, conflict or crisis and helps to restore natural rhythms. When we are at peace in our hearts, unconditional love flows through us and harmony prevails.


(Eryngium Maritumum

To open up and realise there are no boundaries. Destroys the limitations which ‘shyness’ creates. Allowing the inner light to shine and revealing the inner beauty. Develops boldness to achieve. Illumination of inner beauty.

(Armeria maritima)

Keynote: HARMONY.  Sea Pink helps to balance the energy centres. When we feel disconnected, or split off from our higher or divine nature, the inflowing life and consciousness energy streams may not be grounded in the material world. Sea Pink assists the flow of conscious vital energies throughout the body.


(Cakile maritima)

Keynote: REGENERATION.  Sea Rocket helps us to open to the experience of abundance in all its forms. When we find our resources drying up, or swinging from ‘feast to famine’, our insecurities may cause us to accumulate or hoard. We cut ourselves off from the Universal Source. With purity of purpose we can again receive and give freely, trusting all our needs will be perfectly met.


(Potentilla anserina)

Keynote: SIMPLICITY.  Silverweed helps us to live lightly in our bodies and on Earth, through moderation and self-awareness. When we become caught up in material concerns, we may lose contact with our higher purpose. We can lift our awareness through deep contact with the forces of nature and life to break through into higher levels of self-realisation.


(Galanthus nivalis)

Keynote: SURRENDER.  Snowdrop allows us to access deep inner stillness and to surrender to the processes through which we can release the past. We find hope - and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - move towards it. Even in our darkest hours we find hope in the revelation of light, the flame of eternal life within.


(Dactylorhiza fuchsii)

Keynote: CREATIVITY.  Spotted Orchid helps us rise above our narrow views or insularity to look beyond the imperfections we see. When we are too introspective, we risk becoming pessimistic and our outlook on life reflects these limitations. Spotted Orchid allows us to see freshly to find the beauty and perfection in everything. With a positive attitude, our vision is broadened and we find our own perfect expression.


(Sedum anglicum)

Keynote: TRANSITION.  Stonecrop aids in times of profound personal transformation. We realise change is happening around us and within us at the deepest levels. But this process has its own timing, and we may feel stuck, unable to push through the barriers which hold us back. Stonecrop allows us to release our frustrations and attachments to the past, embrace change and find the point of stillness and peace within.


(Acer pseudoplatanus)

Keynote: REVITALISATION.  Sycamore recharges and uplifts body and soul when we are stressed or worn down. Sycamore helps us to tap into the unlimited energy source of the life force which radiates, illuminates and energises our whole being. We can then experience the smooth flow of the energies in ourselves and in our lives.


(Cirsium vulgare)

Keynote: COURAGE.  Thistle helps us to find true courage in times of adversity and to respond with positive action. When we encounter fear, our performance can be crippled. Thistle encourages us to access inner strength and to take appropriate action with confidence and certainty.


(Valeriana officinalis)

Keynote: DELIGHT.  Valerian is uplifting to our mind, body and spirit and helps us to rediscover delight and happiness in living. When we are weighed down in our busy lives by our responsibilities, we may miss the simple joys in life that bring us happiness. Through Valerian we may become more responsive in the moment, lighten up and have fun.


(Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum)

Keynote: WELLBEING.  Watercress sounds a vibrational note of purification in our bodies. It can act as a powerful cleanser, stimulating our immune systems to clear stagnant energies and overcome disease, by refining, transforming and releasing all that is toxic to our health and harmful to our wellbeing.


(Viola tricolor)

Keynote: RESONANCE.  Wild Pansy helps clear and illuminate the head and heart channels when the energies they carry have become blocked or diverted. As receptivity, sensitivity and contact are re-established, these connections enable the life energies to flow freely and radiate throughout the whole being.


(Chamaenerion angustifolium)

Keynote: SELF-MASTERY.  Willowherb helps to balance the personality expressing authoritarian or overbearing behaviour by tempering force of personality with true power. Responsible integration of will and power issues is brought forth through love and humility, and the correct use of the will.


(Monesis uniflora)

Optimism. Expansiveness of consciousness. Inner voice. Feeling light and love, harmony with mind and body. Connecting Spirit and matter. Opening the crown chakra. Christ consciousness. Stay conscious ( Garden of Gethsemene ).


Combination Essences


Manifesting an abundance of wellbeing

Foster a sense of inner security and align with the Source of universal, limitless supply. Firstly through faith and belief in yourself, and the inner knowing that to manifest your dreams and goals all the power and intelligence and love that I need is already mine.

Recognise this inherent power and follow the keys to success:

• work with the spiritual laws of money and abundance
• experience the abundance in your life and give thanks
• magnetise inner resources needed to implement a plan and attract your heart's desire ('hold the vision')
• build towards manifesting your ideas and ideals
• affirm creative abundance
• follow your inner guidance and intuition

'Prosperity' is made by combining flower essences of Bell Heather, Elder, Harebell, Laurel and Sea Rocket.



Supporting personal growth and transformation

Choosing transformation means 'shining the light' on what needs to be changed. We can harmonise and transform seemingly opposing parts of ourselves, access inner strength to persevere and stay on course, and willingly make sacrifices which will serve our highest good.

'Transformation' is made by combining flower essences of Apple, Grass of Parnassus, Globe Thistle, Iona Pennywort, Sea Pink, Stonecrop, Watercress.




Findhorn Essences Flower Attunement Cards

Flower Attunement Cards
Photographs of all the flowers with keynotes and affirmations and mandala drawings of the 7 Chakras, 5 Elements, 12 Zodiac Symbols and the 7 Rays. The cards are tools with which we can access the intuition and gain insight into the essence of archetypal energies for healing. Helpful to intuitively choose and attune to the flower essences. Set of 81



Findhorn Flower Essences: Straight to the Heart of the Matter

Findhorn Flower Essences 
Straight to the Heart of the Matter  by Marion Leigh

This book contains information regarding the theory, preparation and practical applications of flower essences.  It includes how to best benefit from essences, detailed information about the essences (38 above) developed at the Findhorn Gardens, chakras, devas and elementals, recipes for essence combinations and beautiful color photos of the flowers and Findhorn. Includes a thorough, indexed repertoire of symptoms and their indicated treatments.

Written by Marion Leigh, originally trained as a homeopath, whose communication and work with the angelic/devic kingdoms gave birth to the development of the Findhorn Flower Essences.  121 pages


All Findhorn Essence descriptions and information, Copyright Findhorn Flower Essences. Photos Copyright Findhorn Flower Essences. Flower essences are not a substitute for medical treatment. In case of injury or illness one should seek the appropriate medical assistance. 


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