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Element Elixirs are made from inert gases, a family of chemical elements unique because they are totally inactive chemically - that is, they do not combine with other elements to form compounds. All of the inert gases are found to some extent in the air we breathe, are totally non-reactive chemically, and are harmless.

The energy from the very center of the inert gas atom is of several natures at once, providing aetheric energy, the same that is produced by life force in the human body. This is the very stuff that consciousness is made of. This raw material is that which is available through the energies that surround this central point. These energies normally conceived as matter (nucleus, electrons, etc) are more closely revealed as a wave nature. It is this vibrational characteristic that can give rise to creation of matter and of various forms of energy in the universe.

This energy, being the raw material from which other things are constructed, can be influenced by the thought process. This inert gas energy is all around you, within the atmosphere, within the bloodstream, in your cells. Element (inert gas) Elixirs liberate energy at the etheric level. Releasing some of this inherently beneficial raw material gives the etheric fluidium greater strength and an increased ability to work with these energies.

      List of Elixirs and Indications            



Note: The following information was gathered during a question and answer session between Fred Rubenfeld and the energies known as Hilarion, as channeled by Jon Fox of Nevada City, California. Hilarion is a direct source of information in the use of inert gases as they were used the the mid-to-late Atlantean period to the present time. As the etheric densities today are vastly different from those of Atlantis, the suggestions of the individual properties of the gases should be considered mutable and experimental in nature. This leaves a wide area for people to attune to their higher selves in reaching for the appropriate gas or combinations for each particular condition. The inert gases seem to be able to affect the subtle bodies, the etheric body in particular. The physical body, either unconsciously or under the the direction of the mind, then sends energy where it is needed. 

Argon   -     Transition

has its roots in energy. It symbolizes the transition energies that are now important for Earth. It is the most valuable gas for most individuals. The argon energy can be slightly stimulating over time. This can provide a general boost in inner strength and a deeper awareness of the power chakra or solar plexus area. Mankind is moving through an important condition of dramatic change and dealing with the power center in individuals is of tremendous importance right now. Argon is the most plentiful of the inert gases in the Earth's atmosphere and this is its signature. There will be an awareness of what you have learned in the world, how this is influenced by love and the emotions in the first and second chakras, and how this is applied in your life. This is the level from which Argon is working. Argon can be used by anyone with no side effects and many beneficial ones. It can release thought forms that have stood in the way of bringing more energy into the physical body. It is recommended for dealing with powerfully entrenched negative attitudes, blockages at the conscious level and psychological patterns that one wishes to change. Argon can increase the coordination of the mental body and spiritual body in working in concert with the aetheric body. Argon is used for those dealing with any issue around control, power, and transition.

Carbon Dioxide   -     Breathing Freely  

This substance is a powerful bridge between the human and plant families. Anyone involved in agriculture will do well with this elixir. More deeply, it allows one to understand the entire process of a nearly miraculous transformation from one level to another.

Helium    -    Interconnection

Helium has the smallest size of the inert gases. This is symbolic on the subtle levels of the interconnectivity between many beings. The collective unconscious is stimulated and brought into a state of coordination. This will generally result in the release of negativity from the day. There is significant relief of insomnia from using Helium. This is one of the key indications of when to use the Helium rather than the other gases, when there is sleep difficulty. Helium has some anti-viral properties. It is quite useful when wishing to connect to the Earth. This can be valuable in the birthing process. It is the most mutable of the gases, existing not only on the physical level but able to shift into other planes of existence as well. Helium is the main substance that is used by our sun in the stepping down process of higher vibrational realities into a more 3-dimensional base. There is an increase of life force in the presence of Helium.  

Hydrogen    -    Oneness

Assists the creation within an individual's consciousness of an understanding of the building blocks of nature, how things are put together, the natural order of events, and how the Oneness, represented by hydrogen, can lead to very powerful complexity.  

Krypton    -    Psychic Opening

Krypton can stimulate many psychic gifts in people. This can be quite dramatic. It will supply just the right push for people to reach the full potential of their somewhat dormant abilities. In addition, krypton can make more available negative thought forms derived from past-life energies that tend to be mysterious. Once brought into awareness these energies can be more easily dealt with and released. These mysterious qualities are symbolized by the combination of astrological influences concerning the planets Neptune and Uranus. The signature of krypton derives from its ability to bridge between the argon and xenon levels. Xenon is representative of very high and powerful energies most utilized throughout the galaxy. Argon is representative of the human lifestream and the Earth. Krypton can clear confused mental states by bringing brain waves into greater synchronization. There can also be improvement of memory function and a balancing of the right and left-brain. In combination with other vibrational remedies, Krypton can bring out many hidden qualities of these other substances.  

Neon       -     Grounding

The primary use of neon is to stimulate the root chakra and connect it to other energy sources. The root chakra is the lower energy center relating to the reproductive or digestive system. Neon will generally bring more energy into the physical body. A sense of connection with the Earth may be felt. Neon can assist individuals who are attempting to lost weight and wish to understand more about the lessons involved. It then becomes easier to stick to a diet and understand m=what is involved in changing ones body image to match an internal image. The energies associated with the need to sometimes protect oneself from others may become more visible. As one becomes stronger and more aware of earth energy, there is less need for such protection. With this deeper connection to Earth, people can have a deeper awareness of the material portion of their existence. Neon is very grounding. It can be used to antidote unwanted psychic energies or bring one back into the body when one wishes. any negative thought form dealing with sexual issues or issues of survival would be assisted with Neon.  

Nitrogen     -   Nature Awareness

For tuning to the nature kingdoms, to the Devic orders, and to the subtle energies of nature. Can also assist individuals to make a deeper bond with others. Might also lessen some food allergies. Vegetarians will receive a strengthening of the immune system.  

Oxygen    -    Releasing Duality

Does all of the above (of Ozone's qualities), but to a lesser degree, dealing more with twoness or duality (O2). There may result a greater understanding of the duality of their own existence, within a state of grace, with an understanding of God.  

Ozone     -   Greater Love

At the basic physical level, oxygen and ozone will give you a strengthening of various physical body processes, rejuvenation, a certain sense of energy that is transmitted. At the higher spiritual levels, ozone appears to be clearly superior to oxygen.

Xenon    -    Crown Chakra Opening

There will be stimulation of the crown chakra, a higher-self connection to many aspects of one's life and a deeper soul awareness of one's soul connection to God. There can be a deeper awareness of collective consciousness of humans as well. This stimulation of the crown can develop a deeper attunement to spiritual principals and a greater facility for working appropriately with psychic gifts. Its main signature has to do with counteracting the detrimental effect that the sun has on the aetheric bodies of all beings within this solar system. While most planets with atmospheres have a greater concentration of Xenon, much of it was removed from the Earth's atmosphere in the past for the purpose of deliberate life-shortening and the cessation of most of Xenon's natural regenerative capabilities in humans. For those wishing to work with the regenerative principal Xenon can be a big help when combined with deep, clear and focused visualizations.  




All information about Element Elixirs appear by permission of Fred Rubenfeld and Pegasus Products.

Vibrational  essences are not a substitute for medical treatment. In case of injury or illness one should seek the appropriate professional assistance. 



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