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Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences by Marie Matthews

A must read book for animal lovers everywhere, Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences gives very practical hints for keeping your animals fit and happy as well as dealing with their problems of health and behavior. 

This carefully researched book by Marie Matthews gives extraordinary insights into the emotional world of your animals and explores the healing powers of the Australian Bush Essences.     

Australian Bush Flower Essences
by Ian White

A journey of the history and purpose of the first fifty Bush Flower Essences. Beautifully illustrated with color photos of the individual flowers. Includes the Forgiveness Process; how to choose, prepare and use the essences; recipes for special combinations; chapters on affirmations, sexuality, meditation, making the Bush Essences, how the Bush Essences work, using the Bush Essences with other modalities (numerology, kinesiology, age regression); index of illnesses and their treatment; bibliography.  210 pages  

Australian Bush Flower Healing by Ian White

Covers the new essences (flower and companion essences) plus updates on the original fifty with color photos of the 12 new flower essences. Chapters on preparing and using the Bush Essences; affirmations; combination essences; infertility; pregnancy, labor, childbirth, parenthood and bonding; goal setting/achieving; iridology; astrology; case histories; more.  Large repertories of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical conditions; index of the Bush Essences and their related subtle bodies; bibliography.  335 pages  

Australian Bush Flower Essences Reference by Ian White

This booklet is a quick reference with 69 essence summaries, negative conditions and positive outcomes, drawings of the flowers.  

Bach Flower Essences for the Family - An Introduction to the Basic Principles and Standards of the Bach Flower Essences and a Guide to their Use

Presented by the Bach Centre, this little book includes indications of use and positive potential of each essence. Very handy for home use.     

Bach Flower Therapy - Theory and Practice by Mechthild Scheffer

This excellent book was written by a lay practitioner and representative of the Bach Center in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Includes lots of information on the underlying psychological dad spiritual issues associated with each Bach Flower Remedy. Accessible to beginners, helpful for practitioners.  

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook - Remedies for Inner Wellbeing by Lila Devi 

An entertaining and practical overview ideal for seasoned natural health practitioners and those just learning about flower essences. Includes 20 years of case histories, in depth compilation of the Master's Flower Essences, charts, illustrations and practical text, easy-to-use cross-reference index, essence enhances, visualizations, affirmations, more.  

Findhorn Flower Essences - Straight to the Heart of the Matter by Marion Leigh

Findhorn Flower Essences: Straight to the Heart of the Matter

This book contains information regarding the theory, preparation and practical applications of flower essences.  It includes how to best benefit from essences, detailed information about the essences (38 above) developed at the Findhorn Gardens, chakras, devas and elementals, recipes for essence combinations and beautiful color photos of the flowers and Findhorn. Includes a thorough, indexed repertoire of symptoms and their indicated treatments.

Written by Marion Leigh, originally trained as a homeopath, whose communication and work with the angelic/devic kingdoms gave birth to the development of the Findhorn Flower Essences.  121 pages

Flower Essences A Gift of Nature by Bram Zaalberg

This is a wonderful little book with information about all the Bloesem Remedies along with beautiful color photos of the essence flowers, information about what essences are, how they can be used, essence preparation and special uses for the two Bloesem Remedies sets.  

Flower Essences for Animals - Remedies for Healing the Pets You Love  by Lila Devi

This book presents a bird's eye view into the animal kingdom. It pays homage at the feet, paws, and hooves of our animal friends by offering a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of their lives. Addressing specific conditions and behaviors, this book provides simple solutions for administering the best possible pet care in both daily life and emergency situations.    


Happy Healthy Kids - From Conception to Age 7 with Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White


Happy Healthy Kids traces a child’s physical, emotional and spiritual development from preconception, through pregnancy and birth, to age seven. It is a very accessible, easy to use book jammed full of practical advice and case histories. Key emotional issues and a wide variety of everyday ailments a child may face at each stage of growth are described alongside easy-to-implement solutions and a selection of appropriate Bush Essences.

Ian’s 250 page book is the culmination and integration of his 30 years’ working as a practitioner with children, an even longer period of time involved in metaphysical and spiritual studies and just on 25 years of work and experience with the Bush Essences. Happy Healthy Kids is very accessible, easy to use, jammed full of practical advice and case histories. It is equally beneficial for someone who had never worked with the Essences before, as well as the person very experienced in working with the Essences – i.e. a practitioner. 

Key issues a child may face at each stage of growth are described alongside easy-to-implement solutions and a selection of relevant Essences. The book covers a wide variety of everyday ailments – from colds, allergies and bruises, to burns, bed-wetting and car sickness – and discusses topics such as nutrition and vaccination. Happy Healthy Kids details how to handle a whole range of emotional challenges, from shyness and lack of self-confidence to aggression. It also addresses many aspects of a child’s spirituality and development. 

The chapter headings are listed here:  1. How Australian Bush Flower Essences work  2.  Preparing for pregnancy  3. Pregnancy and your baby's birth  4. The first few days  5.  The first year  6.  The toddler years  7.  Your child's spirit  8.  Common childhood infections and illnesses  9.  Toddlerhood to childhood  10.  Starting school  11.  Know your child  12. Choosing the Bush Essences  13.  Using the Bush Essences  14.  A-Z of conditions and treatments  15. Individual essences  16. Combination essences. 


Heal Thyself - An Explanation of the Real Cause and Cure of Disease by Edward Bach, MD

First published in 1931, this classic little book outlines the philosophy of health, healing, medicine and spirituality held by the man who introduced flower essence healing to the modern world. Inspiring and uplifting.  

Mastering Bach - A Guide to Flower Diagnosis and Treatment Therapies by Mechthild Scheffer

Lots of useful information and insights from this longtime flower essence practitioner. Includes color Kirlian photos of flower essences.  

New Bach Flower Body Maps by Dietmar Kramer

Kramer's work in topical application of the Bach essences and mapping (associating) the flower essences to different parts of the human body is incredibly effective in practice. This book contains all the body maps for all 38 Bach essences and information on practical applications.   

New Bach Flower Therapies: Healing the Emotional and Spiritual Causes of Illness by Dietmar Kramer

In this book Kramer introduces the concept of outer, foundational, inner, decompensation, compensation and communication flowers and the "tracks" they follow through the human psyche. Various ways of ascertaining the appropriate flower are discussed including the language of body organs and a sample questionnaire to use yourself or with clients. Insightful and thorough.  



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