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There are three Bloesem Remedies Sets encompassing 53 essences. The Standard Set of 35 consists of 31 single flower essences and 4 combinations. The Special Set of 13 consists of 4 single plant/flower essences, 8 combinations and 1 cosmic essence. All Bloesem Remedies are available by the bottle or in sets.
The Essences for the New Times consists of 6 (so far) single and combination essences. 

Bram and Miep Zaalberg of Flower Essences The Netherlands have been preparing  flower essences since 1986 including a first aid remedy, named "Terra". Due to an increasing demand they released these essences to a broader public in 1990. The essences possess a great purity and are very powerful in their action. Organic brandy is used for preserving them and to assure the highest possible standard of purity.

"Some of the essences are made by a new preparation method. With this method we don't need to pick the flowers anymore, but we bend the flowers over into a bowl of water. In this way we try to care for nature and specially the rare flowering plants so they can continue their growing process after the preparation of the essence. Also the energy of these essences has a more streaming quality."    Bram Zaalberg

STANDARD SET OF 35        


Essences listed alphabetically by ENGLISH NAME followed by DUTCH NAME and Latin name


Centered feelings, not having fear to express these; staying within yourself, not letting yourself be disturbed by other people or other issues. To do the work you believe in and bring your Higher truth into reality, to work with it and to expand it. Not thinking in shyness, but giving full expression to what is. To love the earth and the deepest core of your being in the deepest way.


ANGELICA  ENGELWORTEL  Angelica archangelica  

Provides protection from the spiritual worlds and the help of loving forces from on high, "angelic protection" especially when one crosses the threshold to the "other side", for example in situations such as death or passing away, dreams, meditation, operations or serious illnesses, when the mortal body is less bound to the earth. It provides spiritual protection for the infant during pregnancy, favors a more spiritual development of the consciousness and strengthens the ability to experience loving spiritual forces in your life and work. It promotes the search for and the use of spiritual insight. In this way it encourages growth and protects the consciousness; it increases trust in the leadership of the Higher Self when confronted with unknown areas - a "Godly" trust with a good earth-bound feeling without doubting your personal Wisdom. 


bulletI am protected by my spiritual insight.
bulletSpirituality is necessary for my growth.
bulletMy Higher Self guides me in unknown areas.


Borago officinalis

Borage strengthens the heart in difficult circumstances and brings gladness and joy. Not letting yourself be blocked by difficulties nor letting yourself be discouraged, but to go on despite adversity. When one loses faith Borage brings back joyfulness and strength to the heart.



The California Poppy essence helps you to bring trust in your heart and in your own feelings, and it makes you listen to your own heart. When the outer world, the world of action and the masculine energy become over-important, this golden poppy brings the feeling of support and warmth in your heart. It helps you to calm down, and gives the insight that you no longer need to look to the outside world to find what is important, but can find it in your inner world. It brings the rest and peace of inner knowing. Not looking for the superficial gold of fame and glory, but digging deep for the gold of inner wisdom. It is helpful when you are too much open for the ideas and thoughts of other people. This essence is making the ancient, universal knowledge, available, to be found in the Akashic records and what lies in depths of your being. It gives you new insights and helps you integrate these new insights into your heart. The California Poppy also opens you to discovering information in the dream world and is very helpful in situations related to sleeping problems and addictions. It helps you to let go of worries associated with the outer world, establishing a balance with the importance of the inner. It also brings a balance between the light and darkness, fostering a spirituality integrated with the energy of mother earth.


Clematis vitalba 

The Clematis vitalba was prepared in the mountains between Spain and France. This Clematis is not only for awakening but gives a clearer picture of your actions. Clarifying the thought processes, it improves our capacity for thought and helps us to obtain a more conscious insight into the handling of our affairs. It also helps with the forming of the as yet unformed and assists in the forming process. Gives more insight and an overview of the cause and effect process. Gives more clarity to the unconscious. 


bulletI am fully awake in the here and now.
bulletI am inspired to realize my ideals.
bulletI give form to my own thoughts.



This plant flowers at night. While "Red Poppy - Klaproos" brings the power of the sun into the female qualities, the Evening Primrose essence strengthens the creative forces of the moon. It helps us to (re)discover and connect with the source of self-confidence and the inner worth of the feminine. It brings insight into old patterns of incest, rape and problems in the area of sexuality, giving support and help for discussing such problems, and bringing everything out into the open.



Brings transformation and wisdom. Quiets the thinking and purifies unnecessary thoughts through the earth. Positive thinking. Helps us to handle things better, to be more perceptive and open to others and the environment. Connects us to the higher, serene, spheres and allows them to reflect out and about into the surroundings so the support and warmth of others can be received.


Digitalis purpurea

To go beyond thinking. It eases the mental processes, so you are be able to contact your heart again. Helps to let go of thinking structures and patterns of how we think we should behave, specially old believes, behavioral patterns out of past lives, for example monastic life. Accepting the connection with the higher self as the center of our Self and as source of a higher quality of love in our lives. Helpful for being more playful in life. Gives joy and pleasure in sexuality and life in general. When you haven't any insight into a problem or a difficult situation, Foxglove helps you to gain insights, specially when you cannot understand the problem with the mind. Foxglove opens you step by step to higher realms beyond thinking, so you are able to use other sources of information, for instance dreams. Often these problems or difficulties have their roots in the heart or the emotional world. Balances the polarity of the higher self with the polarity of the earth.


Stropharia rugosoannulata

A mushroom with a head of 40 to 50 centimetres. It gives you a new insight into the things you are doing. Instead of looking up to the difficulties in life it helps you to direct your consciousness to pleasure and fun. The Stropharia helps to let you do the things directly, especially when the thoughts about it are already too long in your mind. It connects you to the earth and releases energies and tensions that are stuck behind your eyes back into the ground.


Solidago officinalis

The  keywords of the Goldenrod are: your individuality and the other person. When you feel locked up, and cannot open yourself to the other. When you are not able to let go your personal ego, and cannot direct yourself to the higher qualities. When you put your interest too much into your personal achievements, and feel dependent on the other.
The Goldenrod gives you self-trust and self-confidence, the Goldenrod helps with the development of open-heartedness and hospitality; it opens you to be a channel through which you can transform the higher energies. Gives strength and because of this strength you open your being with love towards your environment and you can direct yourself to enthusiasm, abundance and cooperation as a result of the better connection with the higher self.


Chelidónium május

The cherry on the cake; the finishing touch, making life better and more complete; promotes happy and fulfilling decisiveness. For awakening the inner king and coming together of the inner woman warrior with the inner man, and this for men and woman alike. Combining the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the masculine and feminine; excessive emotionality if purified and grounded. Improves relationships, especially when a wall has been built up between people. Through thoughtfulness to be able to purify your feeling life, with the result that the purity of your being becomes the basis of your existence. Helps in eliminating emotional poisons and anything that you no longer need or that makes you ill. Acceptance of your innermost self, oneness with the ground of your being, gets rid of dissatisfaction. This remedy has a pentangle in its astrological chart.


Aegopodium podagraria
When you cannot develop yourself the Ground Elder helps with the manifestation of your growth, because you are able to make a better connection with your true self. When you develop yourself too much, the Ground Elder helps to let go and opens you for the higher qualities of your being. You don't need to fight all the time with your environment. When you have difficulties to assimilate everything that you meet, especially old restrictions and old emotions, which keep you stuck in a certain pattern. To work on earth for the higher goal and integrate what is important for the higher development of the earth: the expression of your heart. The Ground Elder gives integration and cooperation from the environment through the expression of the heart, with a pure choice connected with the higher self.


Glechóma hederácea

Clears away old emotions you didn't understand, making you aware of and transforming behaviour patterns, above all patterns which you, yourself, cannot see. For abundance, strength and expansion, it helps with personal development and finer attunement, bringing out the finer qualities of your being. Trusting in your own being, wherever you might be. Helpful in healing work, it is good to keep a bottle beside you, and when you meet with a painful or emotional disturbance, to give it a shake and use Ground Ivy energy to "hook on to" the emotion and pull the emotion or problem out of the spiritual body, as if pulling a piece of string out of the body, continuing until the string is felt to have gone limp. As herb Ground Ivy is used for the lungs and coughing, as flower essences it gave good results in such cases.

IMPATIENS REUZENBALSEMIEN  Impatiens glandulifera 

This essence was prepared in Belgium on 8-28-'91. It was prepared in perfect harmony with a group of people who had attended three weekend workshops and a week long intensive about flower essences and healing. The preparation took place following the workshop. The bank of Impatiens growing there was at the peak of its strength and covered an area more than 32 meters square. Positive transforming qualities: Patience and calm; understanding; knowing that all life continues in it's own unique time; spontaneity; recognizing your inner and outer chaos and helping to integrate this within the consciousness; clear actions out of your deepest inner self. Development of your own deepest true timing; becoming aware of disturbances by others; helping to express yourself clearly towards others. Imbalance: Impatience, with yourself as well as others; to adapt easily to others without expressing irritation and annoyance; wanting to grow too fast; being drawn too easily out of your own life's timing by the influence of others, not expressing this and getting annoyed. Impatiens is also very helpful in cases of skin problems. In these cases the Impatiens can be used directly from the stock bottle. 


bulletI accept full responsibility for my own life.
bulletI express myself clearly, with purity.
bulletI find my own way, quietly and calmly.


Coprinus xanthotrix

This little mushroom helps us to let go of emotions; when you feel vulnerable this essence will bring emotional strength and give universal trust. Helps you rise above emotions and promotes the letting go of old anger and emotions quickly and easily.

LOVE - Liefde                                   
A combination of Borage, Foxglove, Greater Celandine, (red) Poppy, Red Henbit, Snowdrop and Yellow Star Tulip. The seven beings of Light. A combination to awake the Love for yourself, others and the earth. First it helps you to connect your being to the earth, then it helps you to open your heart for the care and Love for your own being and as result of this you will be learning to give this Love out to others, without self-denying. A powerful catalyst which connect you to the higher light and your Angel of Love. 


Lunaria annua   

For those who find material earthly business more important than the unity with their own Being, the Universe and Nature. Lusting after material things resulting in the "handing in" of intuitive strength. Lack of balance in connection with spiritual development through too much striving after worldly possessions and power. Loss of energy because of always operating from one polarity, having made the longing for material things the one and only end for too long. Because of this one becomes unable to make contact with his/her own source - retarding spiritual development and creating as a result, a state emptiness in the subconscious. This emptiness is filled up again by activities that seem to be forced on you from the outside but which are, in actual fact, drawn to you by yourself, you feel you "have to" do so many things. The Money Plant helps you with the integration of earthly bonds as well as the Cosmic ones, bringing balance to these deep primeval forces. It gives power, coming from your spiritual self, to stand strong in your earthly shoes. A turning away from earthly, material matters to spiritual help for others as you often have to live the emptiness and pain yourself to really be of help to others. An awareness that healing does not always have to be a bodily healing but that the healing and awakening of the mind during the illness process is more important than just the recovery of the physical (body or material possessions). With the realization that one can cope with all these deep processes of illness comes also the capacity to do so. This process can bring about a real conversion. A change in the essence of man so that he no longer strives only to satisfy personal desires but is able to grow into a Being with Universal Love for others as well as for one's self. When we reach this awareness, we can continue our evolutionary process without denying our spirituality and the deeply rooted bonds of our spiritual origin and our earthly existence. For healers the Money Plant can be an important helper in their evolutionary process. When looking too much for external confirmation in healing work and not yet being able to accomplish the work from within. No longer sacrifice yourself for the other but are able to see the help you give as a process towards total unity, aware of giving as a process of joy and pleasure. 


bulletMy deepest being is.
bulletCosmic love fills all being.


Mycena polygramma

Mushroom-remedy For a better connection with the earth, experiencing that you belong here on earth of your own free will, without all the "having to". Being able to carry on in difficult situations and uncertainties, especially when everything around you seems to be in ruins. At the same time it has a purifying action; mushrooms help nature in the demolition of hard to digest elements such as wood or radioactivity. "Gnome" energy and the influence of Pluto. 


bulletI am in balance in thought and feeling.
bulletMy being is in balance with the Earth.
bulletI remember my caring and my connection with the Earth.


               This orchid grows in sandy clearings and, as its Dutch name suggests, has flowers in the form of little birds. Unity of your being in all circumstances. Being able to continue all actions from your own source without self sacrifice. Not letting yourself be pushed aside by people or circumstances but following your own path in purity. Softens that which is hard and gives better circulation. Seeing the reflection of yourself in the outside world. Opening you to "higher" energies. Can be helpful for healers especially when short of energy because of not being able to retain a proper connection with their own Higher Selves. Gives more power for the healing of others and lets this force stream out of the Higher Self into the world. 


bulletI mirror the Light from my Being into the surroundings.
bulletI fill myself with Strength/Light from my own Being and recognize this in me.
bulletI am a violet flame, burning bright with healing power.


De Pepermunt   
Mentha piperita

The Peppermint essence is a very good one in these times of difficulty and challenge. The Peppermint helps you to digest everything that is difficult, specially what is happening in this moment in your life and in the world. It helps you deal with deep emotions and problems which you see in the world around you, all the things that come your way and which you cannot get out of your mind. It helps by makes you stronger, prepared for all sorts of eventualities and problems, giving you insight into them. The Peppermint essences also gives you insight into the behaviour patterns, and structures you have been holding on to since the time you were born. It might even be that you no longer know of these patterns and structures. The essence of the Peppermint gives the insight that these are a part of you and that they can be blocking the development and growth of your highest good, and helps you to let go of all those unseen patterns. It is particularly helpful for those emotions and energy which are being stocked in the area of the stomach and the digestive system.


PROTECTION - Bescherming      A combination of the Sneezewort, Greater Celandine, Rue and the Sensitive weed. A good combination to give protection. It calms and brings you to the deepest centre of your being in times of tension, which is related to the influence of the outer world. Surrounds and protects with a mantle of light. Restore yourself and helps you to feel yourself good in your body. If you are not aware, that you are absorbing emotions and energies, it might happen that you become aware of it. This awareness helps you to change, however this can be a difficult and not always easy process, because it is often connected with pains and fears from the past, which also need to be solved. 


PURPLE FLOWER  Centratherum punctatum   

Brings lightness to energies around the head and allows the mind to relax. Awareness in healing; trusting in our work as healers and being able to bring this out into the world. To reflect the light of our being into the different kingdoms (animal, mineral, plant and human); opening up to the power of nature; insight into and becoming aware of our environment with regard to the different kingdoms.


RAINBOW - REGENBOOG - development combination.  
The bridge between Heaven and Earth; a combination essence for personal development, made from the flowers of Borage, Impatiens, Moneyplant, Red Henbit and Red Poppy. Brings creativity and development. While the flower essence "Terra" helps us make the vertical connection to the earth, the Rainbow essence also works horizontally; it brings expansion and new impulses; stimulates new activities; opens all chakra's and helps break barriers that block our development; brings awareness to the process of development. 


Lamium purpureum

This dead nettle, belonging to the mint family (Labiatae), has small heart-shaped leaves at the upper part of a square stem forming a 4 sided pagoda with numerous tubular purple flowers hidden under the leaves. Positive transforming qualities: Strong earthly bonds and joy in physical activity. Gives clarity in chaotic activity; stimulating you to tidy up and put everything in order - very useful when you are moving house. Purifies one's energies providing a strong flow of earthy life force through the body, soul and spirit, flushing away confrontive situations. Red Henbit can also be applied topically for blockages in the wrists and other joints. Enables you to express yourself on the earth because of a stronger love for the earth. A positive catalyst which promotes love for your environment and a joyful life. Imbalance: For those who are stuck in chaos, disease or habits. Being unable to feel the vitality and happiness of life anymore, which is often caused by too much work or by disease. Not being able to grow and be who we really are. For when we are disconnected from earthly energies; when we are grumbling about the people in our environment or there is too much sharpness in our personal relationships. Only when the grumbling is gone can the person show his deep warmth and love again.


RED POPPY KLAPROOS  Papaver rhoeas 

Strengthens the inner woman, a warming and empowering essence for those who feel vulnerable without having the power to transform their vulnerabilities. Gives the power to work with your vulnerabilities. Increases the inner quality of love. Calms extreme sexuality in men and women; helpful also for men and children, specially when they cannot sleep after a busy day. 


bulletMy inner woman possesses fire and power.
bulletI release my thinking and acknowledge my feminine powers.
bulletI transform my vulnerability into fire and act upon it.


RUE WIJNRUIT   Ruta graveolens    For spiritual protection, specially for the psychic realms; gives protection and insight when somebody tries to absorb your energies, by spiritual influence or disturbance, specially in the area of the crown chakra and the line of the connection with the higher self. Gives insights into old deep hidden fears. Gives more strength to act out of feeling world. If somebody is too precise, this essence helps them to see things more easily. In this way it also cleanses old physical problems which have been held in the body because the body was unable to do so due to this attitude.



Brings stability, clarity and strength to the soul and mind. For choosing your path, full of certainty, and not letting yourself be drawn off your path. When others come too close and you no longer have any room. When you are too sensitive, especially when others get too near for you. To have the space to create, and not let yourself be disturbed by others. So you can pursue your self-development under all circumstances. To feel yourself protected and supported by your environment. To be able to accept this support and love. Also, the ability to recover quickly.


Klein Streepzaad    
Crépis capilláris

Helps to bring balance between action and repose: brings new energy and vitality, and suppleness to stiff rigid structures, helps you to connect with your own base, to feel at ease and at home with others, thus helping you to clear up emotional stuff related to relationships in the home from your childhood right up to those of today. Helps in recharging energy and storing it up and in the bones, and in the giving of Love and warmth. The Hawksbeard can also be used topical, rubbing some drops from the stock into the energy points in the small depressions under the little protrusion of the bone on the inside of the ankle, and on the thymus.


Wilde Bertram    
Achillea ptarmica

Provides protection on the spiritual path you follow, when you aspire after pure standards and values, but have been unable to actualise them. Helps you to stand on your own two feet and to give expression to your own clear thoughts and visions, without having to lean on others; gives self-confidence. For saying clearly where things stand in relationships. Helps to make you aware of what is good and what is not so concerning help from others. (Also, for example, from spiritual guides).


Galanthus nivalis

The release of deep pain, tears and old traumas that have been stuck for a long time. Especially when these originate from the handing in of your own heart and you did not stand by yourself and your feelings. When you have done everything for others and have forgotten yourself. When you do everything the way others say while you know that it should be done differently. To recover your own beauty and importance. To do things you like to do; to feel free. Brings a stronger trust, deep down in the depths of your being. Joyful refreshing energy after the dark (emotional) winter.


Ornithogalum umbellatum 

The first thing when you compare the Star of Bethlehem with other plants is its similarity to the Snowdrop. Both have exact the same colours green and white. The Star of Bethlehem has more to do with universal energy and will open only when the sun is shining brightly. Just as the flower opens in response to light and warmth, the flower essence opens you to your original strength and original connection with your Higher Self. The Star of Bethlehem helps you to remain undisturbed by influences coming from your surroundings and reconnects you with your universal being. It starts by helping you clear away everything you have taken in, especially what you have drawn to yourself but is not essential for your being, and to clear away what is blocking your own unique flowering and the connection with your Higher Self. This can vary from viruses to sorrows, everything your have allowed in and which is not part of your original being, but has been accumulated throughout your life. They also disturb your connection with the light. Such disturbances prevent you from recovering and you stay blocked in your old pains and illness: feeling like a withered flower; low in strength, burnt out and exhausted; feeling weak and lacking energy. Star of Bethlehem opens you up to regenerating energies, so that you can recover your strength and be the centre of your life force. You do this all in your own good time, at your own speed and whenever you are ready for it. Star of Bethlehem allows you to go your own way more, refusing the influence of others. You find that listening to your Higher Self is the answer to all your problems. You make no concessions, listening to your Higher Self and whatever the situation you remain in contact with the Highest Universal Source and your own unique qualities. In this way, you are able to recover quickly in times of difficulty, are able to connect better with your own strength, are able to open up and reach a higher level of your self. It is a truly universal flower and flower essence which makes you believe in your own beauty and makes you aware of the next level of higher energy.


  Tanacetum vulgare 

When someone is always in doubt and cannot make decisions, the Tansy helps to take direct action and gives insight into the process that if you are not making decisions nothing will happen. When you are stuck in a web of hesitation, the Tansy will give trust and help to connect you with your higher self. Strengthens the heart and gives insight into the deepest core of doubts on all levels of your being. Don't walk any longer in circles around, Find your own way, your feet on the ground, Make a decision, make a new start I give you the power and the sun in your heart. Feel my strength, my light and my love Know that I am connected with the sun and The stars high above. Make up your mind, don't step aside Just trust...........I will be your guide.


TERRA - AN EMERGENCY COMBINATION A combination of five remedies. 
* Angelica: for protection, deep Godly trust. * Clematis: to be firmly in the here and now. * Mycena: for bonding with the earth and eliminating elements which are hard to digest. * Rode Bosvogeltje: power from the Higher Self. * Yellow Star Tulip: trusting your own inner feelings, listening to your heart. Together, well suited as a first aid remedy for all different kinds of complaints. First it clears the blockages and then helps with the recovery process. Brings peace and calm in tense situations. Opens the solar plexus. Gives strength in difficult circumstances. The best way to take this remedy is two to five drops straight from the stock bottle under the tongue and/or to hold the bottle during prolonged periods of tension. The bottle can also be held near the place of tension or a dosage bottle containing at least four drops can be used for the same purpose. Or some drops can be applied locally. 


Campsis radicans

The Trumpet vine essence helps you to handle things from the heart, especially when you are trying to do everything in an over-mental way. It connects the heart to your doing and helps you to stand strong for the deeper feelings in your heart, you start doing what you really like to do, instead of what you have been conditioned to think you should be doing and how you should do it. When communication problems need solving, the Trumpet vine breaks through the communication barriers in a gentle way, helping you to express your deeper emotions, without getting into conflict with yourself. It helps you to say freely what is in your heart and mind. Whenever a thick wall has been set up around somebody, the Trumpet vine helps you to break this down in a very smooth and gentle way, because it first helps you to break down your own inner wall. It has given good results for people who stutter.


Calochortus monophyllus
                This remedy helps sensitive people who are no longer sure of where they are going. It helps us not to hide our sensitivity but to make use of it. It is also a precious help for bringing into being what our heart tells us and to start on projects that have been signaled inwardly for some time but that have remained hidden deep within. Yellow Star Tulip gives a clearer picture of how our own feelings are put together. It gives us trust in all changes and stimulates us to act. Our inner life qualities are brought to the surface and find their outward expression both in developing the Self and in helping others. 


bulletI am learning to use my own inner feelings.
bulletI have insight into my own feelings.
bulletMy feelings are the source of the manifestation of my Higher Self.





Essences listed alphabetically by ENGLISH NAME followed by DUTCH NAME and Latin name


This combination essence is prepared with ten plants:  Mycena, Red Henbit, Snowdrop, Trumpet Vine, Alternanthera, Rue, Smooth Hawksbeard, Foxglove, Clematis and Sensitive Weed.

This combination helps to free the soul of the animal. It releases the problems and sufferings the animal has taken over from the owner. It also releases the problems and sufferings that are done to the animal by humans, both on a conscious and on a subconscious way. Many problems of the animal are connected to the tensions and stress of the owner. The combination gives the animal the feeling of freedom and makes it feel calm and at ease. It connects the animal to its original strength and being, so that it can live to the original purpose of its life.



This combination essence is prepared with:  Mycena, Terra and  Impatiens.

A combination to protect against the radiation of cell-phones*. You can hold the essence near to the phone when you are using it. You can also put a little bit of the essence on the head in the area where you hold the phone. When you have already pain in your head because of too much use of the cell-phone, you can put a drop of this combination on the painful spot several times. It is also good when you are too sensitive for electricity.




Act from your original power. Brings you back to your own structure and gives circulation in the rhythmic area. Go on despite blockages and the feeling that you can't go on. Open your heart and move on to your future. Strengthens your female power. Fulfill the assignment of your heart. Go on, be open to the future. Gives power and room to your body, especially in the chest area. Build your future out of love for your body, out of love for your spirit and out of love for the earth. The Coprinus clears and releases through the solar plexus. It makes room for the new and for changes. Has given good results with cancers*.




This combination essence is prepared with four plants: Stinging Nettle, Burdock, Impatiens and Tansy


The essence allow you to be open and warm towards others, while you can still stay yourself. The contact with your soul and the purpose of your soul become clearer. It helps to release what hinders your evolution. To stay in your own power and accept others as they are. Gives you a feeling of freedom, joy and openness, because you act with more power and more assurance.


The Stinging nettle is chosen for the earth element. The Stinging Nettle gives you a good connection with the earth, so you can cleanse and purify. A good remedy for connecting you with the other through your base, your roots, but still remaining yourself. Gives protection, allowing the self to descend to earth, to take  responsibility and not run away when too many people approach.


The Burdock is chosen for the air and space element, to have enough space for yourself and occupying your own space. When you are closed in, locked up and cannot make the connection with the higher realms. Gives release and lets you take your own space, letting you can heal and nurture it from your Higher Self.


The flowers of the Impatiens are chosen for the water element. Impatiens helps you to make the connection with the Higher Self at your own pace and in your own way. Not letting yourself get disturbed and limited by what's going on around you, but getting o with your higher development.


The Tansy is the plant chosen for the fire element, your power and the connection to your power. In the attunement the plant gave the following information:


Circles of light 
Encompass their being 
Standing in life 
Full of fire and power 
Do not be afraid of the night 
And of existence 
Let not your life be lost 
Choose your path without worry 
It does not matter what the 
choice is 
It is all the same 
Walk on proud and confident 
Your life is love 
Your life is God 
I bring you the light 
And it purifies your lot. 



This combination essence is prepared with four mushrooms: Mycena, Coprinus auricomus, Little Inky Cap and Giant Stropharia

The 4 Mushroom Combination is for being able to express yourself in the most powerful way, for your manifestation. When you have made the integration of the female and male, but the intuitive, the higher is still too new, and you don't have the courage yet to take the next step. It is for receiving nurturing from the higher levels and the freedom of your heart. This combination helps you to release old compromises you have made adjusting to others and removes the messes or confusion you have taken on from them. It gives you the faith and the courage to let go, that's why you can break through old layers and patterns, that would otherwise cause a blockage. You don't adjust to the prevailing standards, but act and manifest clearly from your own rhythm. It helps you stop your worrying and brings you to the core of a problem. It is good to take it in combination with the Coprinus auricomus. When you were not able to create what was necessary for your soul and this caused health problems, the four mushroom combination brings the not formed structures into form.



This combination essence is prepared with two mushrooms: Stropharia and Psathyrella candolleana and four flowers: Angel's Trumpet, Hollyhocks, Impatiens and Pumpkin

A remedy for integration, protection and the resolution of old emotions which have not been integrated. Whenever, at a given moment of your life, the hold on of your life was been lost and in the end never really worked through. It helps you to let go of the old and gives insight into how the problem came about. This can be related to past relationships, but also to past misfortunes and abuse. In all situations in which you have been hurt and offended and you have lost control over your life, even sometimes just for a moment. Often this deprives you of a feeling of fullness and trust leading to a persistent sensation of vulnerability. This remedy re-establishes the link with the Higher Self, integrating the various processes of recovery and giving protection and confidence.



The " Living Star Light" is not a combination and not a flower essence, but it is a cosmic essence. This essence connects you with your natural earth being and with the stars. It is an essence from a five-pointed star, with three points directing horizontally, one point directing down and one point directing up. The essence gives relaxation and releases you from everything that is not part of your being. First it helps you to find the wholeness of your being on earth and then it deepens the connection of your being with the earth and with the cosmic energies.


MOTHERWORT    HARTGESPAN    Leonurus cardiaca 

The Motherwort flower essence works on family patterns. It is for those who don't feel at home in their family and on earth and easily feel under attack. When it has not been possible to receive the warmth and love of the family and as a result you become hardened, rigid and feel like a stranger on the earth. Just like the Motherwort plant you become prickly and start to react negatively to those around you. When you have the feeling that you cannot open your heart in the specific environment you are living in, Motherwort flower essence brings its softness and helps you to stay open to the love and support of family and friends in the here and now. The Motherwort essence also works on and resolves old family problems, specially when they are related to issues of love and support. Motherwort integrates the different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, giving a deeper insight into how your rigidity and need to conform are no longer necessary. When you are stiff and starchy, it helps you to loosen up, transforming what has become over-structured and over-organised. In this way Motherwort brings you peace and relaxation. It is particularly good for letting go off the fear of being hurt. Motherwort has proven to be useful for dealing with spine problems* and aggressiveness towards others. 



This combination essence is prepared with five plants and one essence combination: Protection, Poppy, Borage, Impatiens, Giant Stropharia and Star of Bethlehem

In the beginning this essence was used as a combination for head-aches. The combination purifies your soul and your body and connects you to the earth. It makes you feel fit, better in your body, and connects you to the original purity of your soul.



The Redled Roundhead is a very rare mushroom originating in Australia and whose spores were carried to the Netherlands on the winds. This essence has to do with sadness connected to the feeling of not belonging on earth, with the result that you have been unable to manifest the fire/strength of your Higher Self. It helps you to stop crying over things and renews your connection wit the earth. For being happy and contented, having few needs, being contented and having confidences in the universe. It helps you to stand up for yourself and brings your personality to the fore through your connection with your spiritual source. For becoming aware of why you do not feel happy on earth, being aware of the cause of your vulnerability and being able to let go of it through trust.

I let go what is unimportant though the love of my heart.
I am bonded with the earth though the pleasure I have in others and through the enjoyment of life.
My soul opens itself up to love and remains open to the challenges of life.

Strength and care for yourself, abandoning patterns of doubt and seeking your way though the chaos of life. Re-establishing the bond with who you are and standing up for who you are. Insight into what is happening so that you may go on to understand that it is necessary for the next step in the development of your consciousness.
Helps with the clearing of emotions originating in past sorrow, from failed relationships and failed actions to more recent provocations. Taking life as it comes, having the insight of how to handle things so that you don't fall in to the same old behavior pattern - a pattern of pain, stress and sorrow. Finding your new path in this and with strength and courage, daring to go ahead without letting yourself be held back.



This combination essence is prepared with: California Poppy, Trumpet Vine and Borage

To find your spiritual direction. When you have made choices in the past that were not made from a spiritual motivation and when you have made the material world and material things the most important in your life. This combination starts to change the choices you have made in the past and gives you the insight that there is no material world without a spiritual world.




This perennial sunflower works on the father principle, both in men and women. The essence lets you stand up for yourself, restores the connection with the father archetype and helps you to release old father-related problems. It strengthens the solar plexus and helps you to find your own power; the connection with the light or sun as centre of your life. Helps you with the manifestation of your dreams. Gives strength, vitality and energy. Allows you to do what you always wanted to do with joy and to stand up for yourself. For not letting yourself be limited or put aside by others. Gives decisiveness and the ability to take action.



First Aid. Combination of five remedies with the same composition as the normal Terra, but with Coprinus auricomus in place of Mycena.

A remedy for when you have used the original Terra for a longer period than usual or when the stress and tension are due to old, deep rooted or very high tension. Terra Extra gives you a stronger connection with your soul and works harder to develop the feminine, and a deeper more refined connection with the earth. Terra Extra draws you out of your head and brings you back into the here and now, so you remain present to yourself and release your emotions. It gives an extra strong connection with the earth and in consequence helps you stay in close connection with your soul.

Mycena in the original Terra purifies and gives insight into what remains to be purified while Coprinus auricomus brings you back to your original source. There the soul is exposed to the codes that in its origin it was receptive to, and is restored once again. Handling things from the perspective of what is good for yourself and not allowing yourself to be cut off from your source of strength or letting it be disturbed. Terra Extra is used in the same way as original Terra.




"The changes in consciousness often go so fast under the influence of the new times, that most people don't experience them as pleasant. Some of the consequences of this are: a disturbance of the balance, fatigues, confrontations and the general feeling that you don't fit in your body properly. To restore the balance again you can take some of the New Times Essences, these are new essences that are still in development. The first essence that is made of a series of 7 is the Pear essence, the second is the Cell-energy, the third is Earth-protection, the fourth Corn cockle and the fifth is Earth-creation. The first three essences are for stabilizing the consciousness during the changes and the Corn cockle and the Earth-creation are essences to come in your power. Pear shows you better, by faith in yourself, how persons and the whole are in reality, it stabilizes the heart and gives inner certainty and trust. Cell-energy is a bypass for the mind. You don't have to clean up all the old issues, but you can act directly from your original source. Earth-protection strengthens the green protection and green energy of the earth, in which everything that person tries to do to you is reflected and you are included in the protective energy of the earth. Corn cockle stimulates you to go searching for your centre, and bypass all the disturbing influences. It lets you go straightforward, it makes clear and lets you go the way from the heart. When you add up the qualities of these four essences you end up at the new essence Earth-creation. This essence is made from a power place in the north of Sweden on August 8-10, 2008."

               From Flower Essences for the New Times by Bloesem Remedies Nederland


PEAR   Pyrus communis hybride  

The Pear essence is made in a totally new way, without picking the flowers. When the pear blossoms were about to open, a glass bowl with water was put at the branch of the pear tree. The flower buds of the pear touched the water and stayed in the glass bowl during a period of seven days and seven nights. The flowers opened inside the bowl and stayed in it until the flowering of the tree was over the top and the Angel of the pear tree was totally manifested into the tree. We know the pear as food, as juicy fruit, that promotes conduction and circulation. The pear blossom essence gives balance and takes care that you stay close to yourself, supported by a strong base. It strengthens your inner power and security, especially because it is also a member of the rose family. The pear has a broad and stable basis, which you can clearly see in the form and therefore it also strengthens the inner security. It gives you trust in your inner world and therefore you can release the things in the outside world, you put too much trust in. The pear also gives you the insight that the way you think about persons and situations, doesn’t always have to be true. It lets you see better, because you trust yourself, how the persons and the whole situation really are. 

You can also take the pear during pregnancy, especially in the beginning, when you get out of balance because of all the changes in your body. The Pear also gives you the connection with the earth when the frequency of the universe rises. So you keep the balance between below and above, matter and spirit, heaven and earth. It takes care that you stay with yourself, in balance and with faith, that you can evolve further from a solid base. The Pear feeds you and strengthens the love for yourself, so you can keep your balance in life. It opens you for the new, it opens you and gives you the insight how to manifest yourself. When you have lost your balance Pear helps you to find a new solid centre, from where you can act, beyond insecurity and beyond limitations. It makes that you integrate a new, unknown part of your soul, so the balance is restored on all levels of your consciousness, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. From some therapists we got the following information about the flower essence of the Pear: their clients started searching for a balance in their work and life. They tried to enjoy themselves more and not run for others all the time. They became more vivid in everyday life and they had more pleasure in the simple and ordinary things in life.



The Cell-energy is an energetic essence to empower and balance the cells. This essence reconnects the cells again with their original structure. This original structure is a source, the zero energy. This is the original starting point, the source from which everything emanates. Humans create from this source and create the universe with it. But humans give their own resonance to this energy, spiritual, as well as mental, emotional and on the physical level. When you go beyond this personal resonance, you come to the source, an infinite cell, that reflects in the cells of everything that lives. Because of all the personal influences, the cells loose their original structure and from this disturbance of the structure also the disturbance in the consciousness of people arises. The Cell-energy essence brings you back to the original frequency of the zero cell and it brings the inner cell of man/animal again in harmony with their original task on earth. Some experiences: start doing what fits you, scans so to say the cells and helps to solve blockages, brings you into your power and lets you stay on your own feet again. Beyond everything, back to the source and from there you charge yourself again and start finding your own way. 



EARTH-PROTECTION is made from, among others, from Smokey quartz, Himalaya quartz, Emerald, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Malachite, Garnet and the flower essence of Motherwort. The Earth-protection helps to protect against the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attacks on the energy of a person. Especially the kind of draining that consists of “low” earthly energy. The flower essence Protection works from the spiritual and higher consciousness attacks, the area of the crown and higher. But the Earth-protection essence strengthens the green protection and the green energy of the earth, whereby everything someone tries to do to you is reflected and you are assimilated in the protective energy of the earth.


CORNCOCKLE   BOLDERIK   Agrostemma githago  

It brings clarity and encourages you to follow the direction of your heart. It helps you to assimilate unknown chaotic emotions. Lets you make a vision quest to your centre, passing by all disturbing influences. Supports you to stand strong for yourself and don’t give in. It gives the insight that if you want to move on, the growth and development of the consciousness is necessary. No growth without the development of the consciousness. Helps you to release feelings of revenge and opens you for the higher consciousness of forgiving and love. There is one certainty and that is that you are a child of God (the universe), all other things are of no consideration. It brings you to a state of being, beyond all problems. When you have lost faith in your life, in the world, in humanity; Bolderik brings you back to a state of purity.



When you add up the qualities of the first four essences of the new times you end up at the new essence Earth-Creation. This essence is made of a power place in the north of Sweden. In the middle of a meadow is a hill of stones, where the flames of the energy of the earth come up. In these flames a green archangel is visible and this archangel connects you with the stars and the universe and brings the star children to the earth. This archangel brings everything that is still left in the soul and the mind, and has not been able to incarnate, to the earth. The archangel gives the peace and the faith to be, without struggle, to stand in your power without pain and to give you deep roots to complete your incarnation on earth. She brings you in connection with your natural rhythms and connects these with the stars and with the earth. She has the quality of integration from the stars and the universe, the healing of the heart of the earth, the heart of the universe and the heart of mankind. She brings humans to a new level of understanding, through which she brings the change to open the doors of your heart for the stars, the earth and the universe. A cycle of healing of the human race that begins with a true expression of love, the opening of the heart and the search for real healing in yourself. Important in this process is that you don’t look at the other or in the group for it, but that you try to find your own way, despite all adversity. Many seekers have had chopped their heads off for ages, so to say, you stick your head above the surface level and you are put back on your place and opposed. By using the Earth-Creation essence you connect yourself with this portal, this power place and from there you go your own humble way (there is no other) to connect you with the whole. This direction is now supported by your higher healing power, it puts you on the way to find healing in yourself on all levels. Earth-Creation helps you to release what is not important for the fulfilling of the unique roll of man in the universe and lets you descend to the earth to a level of totality, to go back from there to the level of the angels, to be healed after a long search for the original source. 

Some experiences of Earth Creation: “I feel my first chakra come more into presence, it feels like it is more nourished, it “fills up”. There’s no shortage. A deep connection with the earth grows, through the connection with the earth the crown chakra can open up more and I feel in contact with “the source”, light, love, joy, everything gets streaming. I feel the holiness, beauty and purity in my heart. In this way you can create a new reality, a new world. Because of this vertical nourishment you can release unimportant issues and aim for positive action. It stimulates the first chakra so it stimulates decisiveness, I become very active and thriven to create. Creating, create heaven and earth (God’s kingdom). The plan is launched, becomes reality. Exactly what I needed at this moment." (Mss C.V.) 
"I have the feeling as if I start to become more complete. As if missing pieces are placed back into myself. I have less need to share the issues that are in me." (c.q.) "Less looking for confirmation from others." ( Mss M.K.)


Round Leafed Wintergreen       

This essence is made by Inske Zaalberg in the North of Sweden in a swamp area with high humidity and pure oxygen. The plant owes her name to her round leaves and because it keeps its green leaves for at least one winter. It grows in groups, the flowers have no nectar and are not visited by insects. The self-pollination is normal and adult plants live in a symbiosis with a fungus for the supply of nitrogen (arbutiode mycorriza). The young plants have no chlorophyll and they only feed on humus. The flower essence helps you with the digestion of nutrition from the earth and it keeps you going on, while you drop everything that does not belong to you. The wintergreen gives you self-confidence and makes you aware of the fact that you have more qualities in you than you show. It puts you in your own power and because of this you can release old, not processed emotions to the earth. Other people, with the same problems can recognize this and start to release these too. In this way you can be a healing mirrOr for the other. You can help the other because the wintergreen lets you stand in your own power, independent from your environment and with your heart in the right place. It lets you move on, helps you to expand and gives faith in yourself, so that you can bring out the qualities, that you have hidden, deep inside.




You can increase the effect of the remedies by taking them with as much awareness as possible. For example in a moment of quiet recollection and using an affirmation that goes with the flower. The affirmations point the way for developing a positive quality. For example in the case of fear we need to find the way of courage. As the essences support this process at an intuitive and sensitive level, the affirmations will reinforce the process through conscious thinking. It is preferable to use only one affirmation at a time. The sentence should not be repeated throughout the day, but should be repeated for a few minutes with as much attention as possible to its meaning, in a moment of quiet. The important thing is to be receptive to what the words awaken in you when you try to understand them in depth. If you have a series of affirmations it is better to use only one a day, taking a new one each day. You can also use the affirmations so as to better understand the positive qualities of the essences. Reading the affirmations to someone is a way of helping them to see the subtleties and delicacy of the essences through the positive effects they have. This is better than naming the negative states of imbalance they treat. Showing the flower or its photo to someone, gives them the chance to see the colors and shapes through which it expresses its qualities, and to identify with it. In this way an inner bond is created between the person and the plant. The remedies below belong to Standard Set 1.


bulletI am protected by my spiritual insight.
bulletSpirituality is necessary for my growth.
bulletMy Higher Self guides me in unknown areas.


bulletI am fully awake in the here and now.
bulletI am inspired to realize my ideals.
bulletI give form to my own thoughts.


bulletI accept full responsibility for my own life.
bulletI express myself clearly, with purity.
bulletI find my own way, quietly and calmly.


bulletMy deepest being is.
bulletCosmic love fills all being.


bulletI am in balance in thought and feeling.
bulletMy being is in balance with the Earth.
bulletI remember my caring and my connection with the Earth.


bulletI mirror the Light from my Being into the surroundings.
bulletI fill myself with Strength/Light from my own Being and recognize this in me.
bulletI am a violet flame, burning bright with healing power.


bulletMy inner woman possesses fire and power.
bulletI release my thinking and acknowledge my feminine powers.
bulletI transform my vulnerability into fire and act upon it.


bulletI am learning to use my own inner feelings.
bulletI have insight into my own feelings.
bulletMy feelings are the source of the manifestation of my Higher Self.




bulletpoppy - expressing the power of the feminine
bulletrainbow - all that concerns the new red henbit - in handling from the physical and the emotional yellow
bulletstar tulip - from what is hidden in the feeling world


bulletimpatiens - because of the pile of small irritations
bulletlittle inky cap - helps in getting rid of old anger
bulletsensitive weed - because you don't have enough space for yourself


bulletclematis - clarity in what you do
bulletfield scabious - awareness of those around you
bulletfoxglove - of limiting and stuck thought patterns
bulletorchid - of having healing powers
bulletpurple flower - of your relationship with nature
bulletrue - of old physical complaints that still need to be cleared
bulletsnowdrop - of trauma's, tears and repressed emotions
bullettansy - that all action or non-action eventually returns to you
bulletyellow star tulip - of the feeling world


bulletalternanthera - do what you believe in
bulletevening primrose - inner and outer beauty; sexuality
bulletorchid - when you don't know if y 're on the right track
bulletpoppy - of the "inner woman" rainbow - in undertaking new ventures
bullettansy - by continuous doubt and inner debate
bulletyellow star tulip - in acting upon your feelings


bulletimpatiens - wanting to do too much at the same time
bulletmycena - go on in spite of chaos
bulletred henbit - tidying up on the inner and outer levels


bulletevening primrose - from past negative sexual experiences
bulletfoxglove - from old patterns that are held by your thoughts
bulletmycena - from deep-seated and old emotions
bulletrue - for the finicky and over-precise
bulletsnowdrop - from tears and deep trauma
bullettansy - from doubt


bulletalternanthera - to ground your own higher truth
bulletborage - trust the strength of your heart
bulletlittle inky cap - stand up for yourself
bulletorchid - based on self-confidence
bulletrainbow - to begin the new
bulletsensitive weed - to stand up for the space that is yours
bulletsnowdrop - to keep standing for yourself
bullettansy - in acting and doing


bulletborage - resulting from adverse circumstances
bulletevening primrose - as a result of incest/abuse
bulletred henbit - from dwelling too much on what needs to be done
bulletsnowdrop - because of unresolved sorrow
bulletterra - overall strengthening


bulletangelica - in spiritual growth
bulletfield scabious - in communication with others
bulletpoppy - in feminine power
bulletpurple flower - in communication with nature
bulletrainbow - in overall growth and development
bulletyellow star tulip - of the feeling world
bulletangelica - "angel protection" during dreams
bulletclematis - for too much day-dreaming
bulletfoxglove - receiving information about problems in your dreams
bulletpoppy - being able to sleep after rushing around or when excited


bulletfield scabious - cleansing when overwhelmed by too much information; cleanses the aura of too much negativity
bulletpoppy - insomnia, as a result of restlessness and being too busy
bulletsnowdrop - trauma and sorrow
bulletterra - for all situations, both inner and outer


bulletalternanthera - for other people and for being on earth
bulletborage - to go on when facing adversity
bulletevening primrose - for your sexuality
bulletrue - fears out of the childhood; for entities
bulletsensitive weed - for having not enough space
bullettansy - to take decisions


bulletalternanthera - centered feelings, expressed without fear
bulletborage - to have the courage to make space for your feelings
bulletevening primrose - talk about deep lying, suppressed feelings
bulletlittle inky cap - to feel vulnerable
bulletpoppy - strengthens the world of feelings
bulletpurple flower - opening your feeling world for nature and for the environment
bulletrainbow - start new things from out your feeling the feeling world and the thinking world
bulletsensitive weed - oversensitive when someone comes too near
bullettansy - doubt, not able to chose between


bulletborage - makes the heart happy and strengthens it in difficult times
bulletevening primrose - the power of the moon; beauty
bulletpoppy - strengthening the "inner woman", in women as well as in men
bulletyellow star tulip - listening to the inner voice


bulletalternanthera - when having the feeling of coming from a distant planet
bulletangelica - through trust in and support of the spiritual world
bulletclematis - to awake and for manifestation
bulletfield scabious - through support
bulletmoney plant - confidence coming from the link with the Higher Self
bulletmycena - staying grounded in spite of difficulties and many emotions
bulletred henbit - when you have to do/organize a lot of things
bulletterra - in all emergencies, operations, and when you can't return into your body properly (traveling, meditation)


bulletborage - within the heart and in spite of problems
bulletred henbit - when overwhelmed
bulletsnowdrop - renewal after tears and/or sorrow


bulletalternanthera - be sure of and believe in the work you do
bulletclematis - spreading your Light over the earth
bulletfield scabious - to cleanse the aura, put 2 drops in your hands and hold them in the aura
bulletimpatiens - for being impatient about healing
bulletmoney plant - seeking outwardly approval
bulletorchid - strengthens and gives trust in healing power
bulletpurple flower - gives greater openness and deepening
bulletrainbow - to dare to start with healing work
bulletyellow star tulip - to open yourself for the needs of others


bulletangelica - spiritual bonding; angel-world
bulletfield scabious - connecting with the Higher Self, radiate love
bulletfoxglove - acknowledge the Higher Self as the central axis of your life, strengthens the power of love
bulletmoney plant - letting go the attachment to the ego and the material world
bulletorchid - connecting universal healing power rue - protects the connection with the Higher Self


bulletimpatiens - not able to go your own way
bulletlittle inky cap - because of the interference of others
bulletred henbit - when overwhelmed by the amount of work or with chaos
bulletsensitive weed - resulting from lack of personal space and from feeling too vulnerable


bulletfoxglove - breaking down thinking structures and old patterns
bulletlittle inky cap - difficulties that occur unexpectedly
bulletmoney plant - of material, financial worries/issues, lower self
bulletpurple flower - too much thinking
bulletrue - letting go of niggling behavior and old hurts
bulletsnowdrop - tears, pains and sorrow; relationships


bulletimpatiens - when you can't go your own way
bulletpoppy - for deep inner vulnerability
bulletrue - for psychic and negative influences
bulletsensitive weed - for when the outer world crowds you in
bulletsnowdrop - making you do what others say


bulletangelica - "angel" protection
bulletlittle inky cap - against the unwanted influence of others
bulletmycena - restoring the aura withlight
bulletpoppy - vulnerability in the feeling world
bulletrue - when drained psychically, or spiritually attacked
bulletsensitive weed - when you are too sensitive for others when they come too close
bulletterra - through the connection with your true self


bulletrainbow - letting go of the old, start the new
bulletsnowdrop - relationships; a refreshing wind of change


bulletevening primrose - for sexual traumas and low sexual energy
bulletfoxglove - pleasure and playfulness
bulletimpatiens - giving yourself in and hiding your irritation
bulletpoppy - for excessive sexual behaviour
bulletred henbit - for a vital libido
bulletsensitive weed - when someone comes too close
bulletyellow star tulip - integrating sensitivity into sexuality


bulletalternanthera - show who you are and what you stand for
bulletborage - when the power of the heart is lacking
bulletevening primrose - sexuality
bulletimpatiens - hiding your irritation and not doing things your own way
bulletorchid - acknowledge your unique personality and your unique qualities
bulletpoppy - the "inner


Flower Essences A Gift of Nature by Bram Zaalberg

This is a wonderful little book with information about all the Bloesem Remedies along with beautiful color photos of the essence flowers, information about what essences are, how they can be used, essence preparation and special uses for the two sets.  31 pages  


All Bloesem Remedies Nederland Essence Combination names, descriptions and information, Copyright Bloesem Remedies Nederland. Photos Copyright Bloesem Remedies Nederland. 
*Flower essences are not a substitute for medical treatment. In case of injury or illness one should seek the appropriate medical assistance. 


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